Nelson Cycles and Engineering was established in 1979, by David Evans, to produce hand built cycle frames (He retired in 2007 and Nelson Cycles closed; if you are looking for the bike shop in Llangynidr, you need ).  Originally David, then a technician in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Cardiff University, agreed to build some frames for Jack Hearne Cycles in Slough.  This developed into building frames for sale under the Nelson brand and from this developed enamelling and frame repairs.

As time went by, demand for frames increased and also a demand for complete bikes developed.  A search had to be made for a supply of quality frames.  This proved difficult as, although frames were not hard to find, there was a great deal of rubbish on offer!  The first consignment of frames from a "Well Known" builder required so much refinishing and rectification as to be uneconomic.  Luckily a former Reynolds Tubing frame builder set up in business and was able to supply quality frames in suitable quantities.

During the 1990s frame manufacturing was changing and Mountain Bikes had become established.  This led to the building of Nelson Mountain Bikes and to importing of frames from Europe and directly from Taiwan.  Fortunately, frame building and engineering experience is of immense value here, in terms of frame design and it also ensures that frames can be independently evaluated, without reliance on costly marketing hype and reputations that have been bought rather than earned.

Nelson frames are still available via, which is run by David's son Martin.  Prior to setting up, Martin had been running the very well equipped Nelson workshop, which not only included a comprehensive range of cycle related tools but also frame building, turning and milling facilities. 





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